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Elisabeth Smith loves the Lord.  She was blessed to be reared in a God fearing and serving family, that taught her the way of Holiness.  Her story doesn’t start with her but goes back to her parents, The Late Elder Joseph Smith and Pastor Joyce Smith had experienced several tough times in relation to child birth.  Pastor Joyce prayed for a child that would be used by the Lord.  While carrying Elisabeth many forecasted another son.  One day she had a dream and the Lord showed her a glimpse of the baby. While she saw the baby she heard the Lord say, “Name her Elisabeth”.  It is said Elisabeth means Oath to God.  God keeps His promises.  There was no confusion of the gender of this child, for God had spoken.


Elisabeth came and began to be a blessing to those around and became active in the church at a young age.  Not only was she faithful in serving, she surrendered her life to the Lord and got saved at the age of 12.  Later, was filled with the Holy Ghost and continued to serve the Lord.  Her testimony is that she thanks the Lord for choosing and using her.

Later in her walk with the Lord Elisabeth yielded to the call of the Lord to teach His word.  She was appointed Evangelist.  She has since spoken at a various of locations to audiences of difference ages, cultures, and backgrounds.  She is NOT ashamed of the Gospel and is determined to hold up the blood stained banner of the Lord to help the world know Jesus for themselves.

CHURCH: New Beginning Holiness Church

LEADER: Pastor Joyce Smith

ADDRESS: 1604 E Bessie | Fort Worth, Texas 76104

PHONE: 817.210.2180

EMAIL: NewBeginningHoliness@yahoo.com